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Equity in Flexible Loads webinar. september 19th-1pm-2pm PDT. Speakers include: Mary Ann Piette, Senior Scientist, Berkeley Lab, CalFlex Hub; Matt Fung, Mechanical Engineer, California Energy Commission, Megan Ching, Senior Program Manager, Association for Energy Affordability; Alejandro Castelon, Bay Area Associate Director, Rising Sun Center for Opportunity; Nichole Hanus, Project Scientist, Berkeley Lab.

The California Load Flexibility Research and Development Hub (CalFlexHub), in partnership with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the California Energy Commission, seeks to accelerate the transition from static energy efficiency to dynamic energy management. Bringing together a multidisciplinary team of experts from across sectors to discuss key trends in the work, CalFlexHub invites you to kick off our new webinar series on September 19.

The September webinar, Equity in Flexible Loads, features panelists who are actively working on equity issues and represent industry leading voices in industry conversations on energy equity. Disadvantaged and low-income communities in California are disproportionately impacted by worsening environmental burdens and increasing health disparities. Many face financial hardship due to electricity costs, are unable to respond to time-varying rates, lack internet connectivity, and access to affordable and efficient clean energy technologies. Load-flexible technologies face a steep barrier to adoption among these communities, yet if overcome, could help alleviate tremendous burdens.

Moderated by Mary Ann Piette, Senior Scientist at Berkeley Lab and Principal Investigator of CalFlexHub, panelists include:

Nichole Hanus, Project Scientist, Berkeley Lab
Megan Ching, Senior Program Manager, Association for Energy Affordability
Matt Fung, Mechanical Engineer, California Energy Commission
Alejandro Castelan, Director of Climate Careers, Rising Sun Center for Opportunity

Come participate in solution-centered conversations to collectively overcome the barriers to ensuring that load flexible technologies are advanced with equity at the forefront.