This Flex Library holds the latest research and information on new load flexible technologies consistent with California’s building energy efficiency, appliance, and load management standards and current demand-side management program and policies.

  • Transactive Incentive Signals to Manage Energy Consumption

    This project proposed a transactive incentive signal to manage energy consumption (TIME) system design [...]

  • EcoThermostat Optimization Pilot

    eco+ is a thermostat optimization platform developed by ecobee to improve the energy performance [...]

    Lead Organization: ecobee
  • Advanced Strategies for Demand Flexibility Management and Customer DER Compensation

    The CPUC Energy Division White Paper and Staff Proposal describes a roadmap to enable [...]

  • 2022 Load Management Rulemaking

    Building on the CEC’s new Market Informed Demand Automation Server system, staff proposes to [...]